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Fundraising with Ten Thousand Books

Ten Thousand Books values diversity in our communities and in our books. Our goal is to add books with diverse voices and experiences to school classrooms across Minnesota and beyond. We believe that showcasing and celebrating diversity in literature gives students insight into one another's lives as well as their own lives. We hope this will give our students a more empathetic and kinder view of this small world we share with so many others. Thank you for being interested in our efforts. 


We have had many requests from individual schools on becoming one of Ten Thousand Books recipient schools. These requests inspired us to create a fundraising program that is unique to this organization. 


It is our belief that children of all races, ethnicities, religions, identities, and abilities should have the opportunity for their school to receive Ten Thousand Books curated list of books. In order to support this belief and further our goal of adding diverse books to as many classrooms as possible, our fundraising program is two-fold. First, you will be able to raise the funds you need for Ten Thousand Books to purchase diverse books for your school. And second, you will be supporting the purchase of the same books through our Sister School pairing program. By supporting a Sister School, you will be creating an avenue for positive change in two communities.


Ten Thousand Books is focused on building connections across communities. We are excited to partner with you. Thank you for taking this action for social change!

Ten Thousand Books 

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